Air Treatment Systems 

Consulation and design of VOC reduction at existing plants.

Design of off gas collection ducts for VOC treatment in Thermal Oxidizer (TO),
regenerative thermal oxidizer and active carbon filters.

Design of an off gas treatment system by stripping and scrubbing of VOC reduction.

Desing of filters and scrubbers for dust contol.

Synthesis And Formulation

Design of major chemical production and formulation plants.

Design of various batch distillation high vaccum units.

Design of ducting cooling towers and chilled water cycles for support of a NG turbine for electricity generation.

Waste Water Treatment

Revamp of the biological waste water treatment plant.

Design of extraction system for reducing the amout of herbicides in waster water.

Physico-chemical plants - wastewater neutralization, solid percipitiation and separation,
high pressure filtration and sewage drying.

Biological treatment plant - assistance in design of the biological plant designed by B.T.S. by describing
and characterizing all ancillary equipment and preparing Sequence of Operations for the process.

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